Qualirec’s service enables to safely reuse used big bags several times over.

Founded in 1994

Qualirec was one of the first companies in Europe to offer the big bag reconditioning service.

Our experience has been reinforced over the years by partnerships with some of Europe’s biggest chemical groups (Rhodia, Solvay, BASF, Exxon Mobil, Polimeri Europa, etc.).

Located in the french Alps, near Grenoble, Qualirec has developed its expertise through its Quality approach (ISO 9001 certification since 2000).

A demanding process

QUALIREC collects used big bags from your customers all over Europe. After processing, we return the bags ready for reuse to the bagging sites. QUALIREC provides collection points with equipment designed to facilitate the packaging of used big bags (OPTIPAL System).

Processing stages :

  • Internal cleaning of big bags using vacuum processes
  • Thorough visual inspection on a light table
  • Internal liner change (optional)
  • Mechanical closing of the emptying spout
  • Palletizing as new
  • Rejected big bags after inspection are sent for destruction (material recycling)
  • Regular communication of results to optimize re-use

Our process guarantees no cross-contamination of the materials contained in the big bag.

A service for the environment

Our big bag reconditioning service helps to reduce the volume of packaging waste, enabling our customers to comply with current and future European environmental requirements:

  • European Directive n° 94/62/EC and n° 2018/852 imposing the recycling and recovery of packaging and industrial packaging waste
  • Targets to reduce all packaging waste by 65% by weight by December 31, 2025

The reconditioning of used big bags consumes less energy than the manufacture of new bags (shorter supply chain and lead times).
Qualirec also enables you to comply with environmental quality standards (ISO 14001) and your corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach.

In fact, Qualirec is a social integration company committed to the professionalization of people with employment difficulties.

Benefits for you and your customers

For your company

  • Guaranteed re-use of your big bags
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Additional service for your customers

For your customers

  • Solution compliant with waste disposal regulations
  • Free collection
  • Help and advice on bag packaging (Optipal rack supplied)

Pour demander un devis, contactez directement Qualirec par mail en précisant votre demande à contact@qualirec.fr, ou remplissez le formulaire.