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Namely, it adds the ability to play multiplayer titles in split screen on a single display. And while previous GBA emulators have offered link-cable Top 10 PS1 Games of All Time support, even that required a LAN or Internet connection between two separate machines with two separate displays. Ever since I really started beefing up my collection and subsequent knowledge of handhelds, the GBA has quickly shot to the top of my list based on its strong games.

  • The Game Boy line saw many different models and revisions over its 16-year lifespan.
  • In order to survive, you need to earn and consume food at regular intervals.
  • The Sony PSP is capable of playing more than just its own games.

Even though Rayman is the French version of Mario, and has been around nearly as long, this character had more of an edge to his persona. The levels got harder more quickly and the graphics were better than most other comparable GameBoy games. With new tracks and a variety of game modes, players had the ability to alter driving mechanics and even tweak their vehicles so they were more realistic.


If you didn’t have any sunlight, you had to play Boktai like a stealth game and avoid enemies. Inputting your time zone would also affect the gameplay in various ways, including the time of day. Vicarious Visions created large, static isometric levels that were nearly identical to the console versions.

Handheld gamers could not get enough of the Italian plumber who captured the hearts of gamers on the NES. You can find a large number of remakes of the Pokemon game. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

Playing Emulator Games

It’s a great example of handheld refinement, and watching a series evolve just as the consoles do. And Wario 1-3 on the Game Boy / Game Boy Color are all nice little 8-bit platformers, but the series really takes a step-up with the fourth instalment on the more powerful Game Boy Advance. Well, if you like playing Super Mario then you are going to love the adventures of Wario, its arch-rival. Wario Land 4 is a platformer video game where you have tojump and climb between suspended platforms to reach the pyramid. On the way, you will have to avoid the obstacles by showing your acrobatic skills.

GingerBread – A software library for making your own Game Boy games. It is made to be used alongside the book Game Boy Assembly Programming for the Modern Game Developer which also doubles as documentation. Dot Matrix Game Editor – An IDE for Game Boy programming in a C-like language called GBL, with many other features like tile and map extraction, WLA-DX assembly, and more. ZGB – A little engine for creating games for the original Game Boy . Emulicious – Provides accurate emulation and includes powerful tools such as a profiler and source-level debugging for ASM and C via a VS Code debug adapter.

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